VK Singh backtracks ‘army traitor’ statement

NEW DELHI: Retired General and Union Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh express his anger after media ‘twists’ his ‘army traitor’ statement.

The Union minister took to Twitter on Thursday to ask the media house as to “how much money did he get” for doing so.

“BBC Hindi did exactly what I meant when I had coined the word presstitute. I have a record of what I had said. It seems that either the reporter was sleeping or he intentionally made a false statement by cutting and pasting my remark,” he said, asking how much was the journalist paid to do this.

Replying to Singh’s tweet, BBC has posted the “uncut video” of its conversation with Singh on its Twitter handle.

Talking to BBC Hindi, Singh allegedly said, “If someone says that the Indian Army is Modi’s army, then he is not only wrong but also a traitor to the country. India’s Army belongs to the country, it does not belong to a political party.”

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Singh’s statement comes in the context of the Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath’s controversial remark during a rally in Ghaziabad on April 1.

“Congress ke log aatankwadiyon ko biryani khilate the aur Modi ji ki sena aatankwadiyon ko goli aur gola deti hai (Congress people would feed biryani to terrorists, while Modi’s army sends bullets and bombs their way). This is the difference. The Congress people use ‘ji’ in Masood Azhar’s name to encourage terrorism,” Adityanath had said.