Vivek suffered heart attack due to COVID vaccine, claims Tamil actor Mansoor

Tamil actor Mansoor Ali Khan a few days ago alleged that late actor Vivek was perfectly alright and suffered a heart attack on after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

Just a day before his death, Vivek had taken a jab of the COVID-19 vaccine and post his demise many people including actor Mansoor alleged that the vaccination could have caused complications leading to a cardiac arrest.

According to Mansoor Ali Khan, Vivek was completely healthy before receiving the coronavirus vaccination, and he added that the vaccination has pulled the legendary actor to the mouth of death.

During an interaction with the media, Mansoor claimed that there is nothing like coronavirus in this world. He also said that COVID is a part of a big political plot.

“Why government is killing people. There is nothing like coronavirus in this world. Vivek was completely healthy. He became ill after receiving the coronavirus vaccine. I have spent time with beggars in the street, I have shared food with them and I was not contracted with coronavirus. I am telling you frankly that there is no coronavirus. Take a case against me and imprison me in jail,” said Mansoor Ali Khan.

Mansoor Ali Khan then claimed that people are becoming ill due to the habit of wearing masks. The Captain Prabhakar actor asserted that he will not wear a mask as it will make him unhealthy. 

“We are inhaling the exhaled breath when we are wearing masks. It is very unhealthy, and it will affect our respiratory system. We do not know what is the content of the coronavirus vaccine. Why cannot the government introduce an insurance scheme to protect people who face side effects due to the coronavirus vaccine,” added Mansoor Ali Khan.

Following this, the BJP on Monday, submitted a complaint to the Police Commissioner against Mansoor for allegedly spreading false information regarding COVID-19 and linking actor Vivek’s death to the coronavirus vaccine. 

“Mansoor has made controversial remarks about actor Vivek’s death and against the health secretary. He further violated SOPs issued by the government by asking people not to wear masks. This has created a sense of panic among the public and hence, we have submitted a complaint against him and urged officials to take strict action against people who are spreading false news,” Somu Rajasekaran, BJP’s public welfare schemes campaigning wing state secretary, said.

On Sunday, Chennai Corporation Commissioner G Prakash had also said that a case will be registered under the Public Health Act and the cyber cell will initiate action against people who spread misinformation on social media.

Mansoor Ali Khan, who is contesting as an Independent candidate from Thondamuthur constituency in Coimbatore, had created a furore at the SIIMS hospital in Vadalapani on Saturday where actor Vivek was undergoing treatment. He asked the media personnel to stop wearing masks and blamed the government for the actor’s death.