Vivek Oberoi’s firm launches affordable housing project

New Delhi: Actor Vivek Oberoi on Thursday announced the launch of Karrm Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.’s affordable housing project at Shahapur in Maharashtra.

This project would provide affordable housing to more than 15,000 families at a cost of Rs 7,90,000.

Shahapur is the first affordable housing project of Karrm Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd and the company plans to expand rapidly with a target of 5,00,000 apartments within the next 3-5 years.

“Karrm’s affordable housing projects provide enhanced lifestyle solutions for better living standards. The idea is to improve the living conditions of the poor and underprivileged and to provide their families a respectable accommodation and a safer environment,” said Vivek, Promoter and Partner of Karrm Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Karrm Infrastructure Private Limited has over 11 years of track record in real estate development.

The company has approximately 3 msf (million square feet) of completed projects with 4.5 msf of projects under construction. From developing major enclaves in Thane, Mumbai, the company is developing a presence in more than 50 cities in India.