Visit to Dargah Jahangir Peeran

CM of Telangana State, Mr. KCR has instructed the official to prepare a comprehensive plan for the development of Dargah Hazrath Jahangir Peeran. It is expected a sum of Rs. 50 crore would be spent on this plan. The adjoining areas would be made free from pollution. Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali visited Dargah Hazrath Jahangir Peeran yesterday along with public representatives and officials. He said that the services of a expert architect are being commissioned for beautifying the area. He also said that CM has agreed to sanction Rs. 50 crore for this purpose. If need be more funds would be released. Mr. KCR is a staunch devotee of Hazrath Jahangir Peeran. As per the proposed development plan, an amusement park would be constructed on an area of 25 acres which would include business centers, food court, cottages, hotels and recreational centers, playgrounds for children. In order to make the surroundings of the Dargah beautiful, plantation would be made on a large scale. There is a proposal to lay a six line road leading to Dargah. The officials have decided to dislodge illegal occupants in order to implement the developmental plans. The income generated from business activities would be spent to provide basic amenities like toilets, drinking water etc. to the pilgrims. The water reserviour near dargah would be extended to transform it into a beautiful lake. (Photo: Zabi)