Vision document on protection of Taj will be finalized soon: SPA tells SC

New Delhi: The School of Planning and Architecture (SPA) in Delhi, which is preparing the vision document on how to protect Taj Mahal from pollution, on Thursday informed the Supreme Court that the process of the project is nearing finalization and will be submitted to the Uttar Pradesh government within a few days.

On declaring Agra a heritage city, Uttar Pradesh government told the Apex Court that a study is being conducted by Ahmedabad-based Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology on declaring areas surrounding the Taj Mahal as heritage, and it will take some more time to finalize its report.

The Uttar Pradesh government on July 24 submitted a draft vision document to the Supreme Court on the restoration of Taj Mahal. The state government assured the Apex Court that it will take several steps for the conservation of the heritage structure.

The proposed draft vision also envisages declaring an entire area near Taj Mahal a plastic-free zone including a ban on bottled water, impose a complete ban on construction activities on the riverbed of the Yamuna and have better traffic management with more space for pedestrians.