Viral video: Rare ‘ball lightning’ spotted in the UK

The rarest sort of lightning which even scientists aren’t sure how it’s formed was captured and shared on TikTok in the UK.

The video was shot by Mary-Ann Fletcher and was later shared on her TikTok account which has garnered thousands of views.

YouTube video

“Apparently this is often called ‘ball lightning’ which is that the rarest form of lightning,” Mary-Ann wrote while sharing the video. “It’s so rare that we don’t even how it forms aside from heat, static, electricity, and humidity.”, she added.

The rare lightning remains an unexplained phenomenon that’s described as luminescent, spherical objects that change from pea-sized to many meters in diameter. In other words, they seem to be balls of electricity.

It is said to be last considerably longer than a traditional lightning bolt.

Although scientists have proposed a variety of hypotheses to elucidate the rare phenomenon over the centuries, the info thereon remains scarce.