This viral video of IT Raid at DK Shivkumar’s home is fake

New Delhi: A Twitter handle called DurgaMenon which is followed by PM Narendra Modi, Power Minister Piyush Goyal and many other senior BJP leaders has posted a video on her Twitter timeline. The accompanying text says, “DK Shivkumar’s home with just one Locker room opened..Congis whr will u hide ur faces???“. The video posted by this Twitter handle shows a locker full of cash and more bags full of cash on the floor.

This same video is viral on Facebook as can be seen in the video below. The identical text “Shivkumar home with just 1 Locker room opened” across most of the Facebook posts also indicates that this video is crazily viral on WhatsApp and is being uploaded by users to Facebook after they received this video as a WhatsApp forward with the aforementioned text. Even DurgaMenon states in tweet that she got the video via WhatsApp.

In reality, the video that is being passed around is that of an Income Tax raid on T&T law firm in Delhi founded by Rohit Tandon. In total, 13 crores worth of cash was found in raids on Rohit Tandon’s law firm and residences in Delhi in December 2016. The video that is now being shared as cash found in DK Shivkumar’s house was originally posted by a journalist Shiv Sunny on his Twitter timeline on December 10, 2016. He posted the video with the text, “Video of over Rs 8 cr cash (Rs 2 cr in new currency) seized by Delhi Police from T&T law firm in Delhi’s GK.“. The video can be seen below.

Recently, after a RSS Karyakarta Rajesh was murdered in Kerala, a fake video from Brazil claiming it to be Rajesh was circulated. Every newsworthy political issue is almost invariably followed by a fake video these days, and more often than not, these videos are circulated with a narrative that directly or indirectly benefits BJP as a party.

The article was first published by altnews, and no part of it was edited by Siasat’s team apart from the title.