Viral Video: Netizens react to courteous robber in Pakistan’s store

A video of a humorous conversation between a robber and a shopkeeper from Pakistan is going viral on the internet.

The video clip that was captured at the time of the robbery on the shop’s CCTV camera shows a masked man picking items from the shelf. He then hands it over to his accomplice and asks him to put them in their vehicle.

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper can be seen putting the cash in a bag. The man goes ahead to check on the money and is seen asking the owner, Bade note kahaan hain?” (Where are the big notes?) To which, the shopkeeper answers politely,Abhi kuch hua hi kahaan hai?” (Nothing happened yet.)

To that, the robber replies in the humblest way, “Hamare paas bhi nai hai yaar, hum to majburi mei kar rahe hai.” (Nothing happened to me too; I am doing this out of helplessness.)

The shopkeeper then makes a request and asks the robber if he could leave just some change for him, to which the latter agrees and says, Haan, dus-bees rehne do.” (Keep the tens, twenties.)

In the end of the clip, we can hear the owner say, “Dobara nahi aana yaar.” (Please don’t come again) The thief responds, Inshallah dobara nahi aayenge,” (God willing, I’ll not come again.)

People on the internet, who came across the video were surprised over the robber and shopkeeper’s courteous conversation. 

Let’s have a look at some of the reactions here: