Viral video: Man continues eating chicken wings while robbery goes on

Ever loved food so much that you were ready to just die at the moment? Maybe that is what this man was thinking when the restaurant he ate at was getting robbed and he just continued to finish his bucket of chicken wings.

In the video clip, we can see the robber entering the restaurant wearing a helmet and carrying a gun, some people run away unnoticed after noticing the scene, while a couple sitting right beside the counter becomes the main hostage being caught in the action.

YouTube video

Slowly, the mugger makes his way through the small restaurant, asking customers to hand over their personal belongings and expensive possessions. However, this one man from the front table was seen calm and simply continuing to eat his chicken wings irrespective of the ongoing action in the restaurant.

This viral video has reached more than 250k views after being shared on YouTube by the channel ‘Real Violence for Knowledge 2’.

People loved this scenario and found it hysterical. One of the comments read, “This could be my last chicken wing’ could’ve crossed his mind,” while another asked, “What did people expect him to do? Throw it away?”

Many others also commented on the quality of the chicken wings, “The food there must taste awesome, like ambrosia!”, “I need to try these wings. Anyone know where this is?”

“Please someone make an advertisement out of this, this is how you sell chicken wings, this is the truth.”