Viral photo: Doctor shows how it’s like wearing PPE kit for entire day

Ahmedabad: Amid the huge number of COVID-19 cases yet again burdening the hospitals, with doctors working over-times and longer hours in wards wearing the personal protection (PPE) kits.

A photo that is now viral on the internet shows a doctor entirely drenched in sweat from tip to toe, as a result of working long hours in the PPE kit.

The picture, shared by an Ahmedabad doctor named Dr Sohil Makwana, has several thousand likes and retweets already. “Proud to serve the nation,” he captioned the photo.

Dr Makwana works at GMERS Medical College at Dharpur area of the city. He has been constantly sharing his COVID experience on Twitter, urging everyone to stay safe and get vaccinated and not lose hope.

In another tweet, he wrote: “Talking on the behalf of all doctors and health workers.. we are really working hard away from our family.. sometimes a foot away from a positive patient, sometimes an inch away from critically ill oldies… I request please go for vaccination.. it’s the only solution! Stay safe.”

The replies to the viral photograph are filled with gratitude and appreciating the hard work of every healthcare professional who is working day and night for the people.