Viral photo: Baby born with incredibly thick hair stuns many

Dublin: A picture of a newborn boy born eight weeks premature with thick hair on his head is currently viral. It is believed that the condition is linked to a rare disease.

Not only did he have thick hair, but it also grew at an accelerated rate across his body.

Three months old, Noah is already showing off his impressive body. His mum Shannon Ayres said she was stunned by the reaction to sharing photos of her son on social media.

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It has arisen that the sped-up pace of hair development on his body was inferable from a symptom of a drug used to treat an uncommon inborn condition called hyperinsulinism he was determined to have at the hour of the birth.

Jaxon has hyperinsulinism, which can cause hair growth to increase dramatically. It has been estimated that around 50,000 babies have this condition.

His mother said that his pancreas produces too much insulin, which leads to his sugar levels being extremely low. To keep his sugar levels down, he gets a medication called Diazoxide.