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Viral Audio: Tale of two interviews of Zakir Naik by ‘Times Now’ EXPOSED media’s double standard

New Delhi: The TV channel Times Now once again shown its true colours and perfect lack of journalistic ethics when its journalist Megha Prasad interviewed Dr. Zakir Naik regarding the ongoing controversy where Dr. Naik is being accused of inspiring the Dhaka terrorists.

The interview was conducted twice over the phone. The first interview proceeded and concluded with protocol. However a little later Times Now requested another interview with Dr. Naik citing ‘major, major technical fault’ with the first interview.

Dr. Naik offered the recording done by him to the channel but Prasad insisted on interviewing him again.

Dr. Naik agreed for the re-interview but this time Prasad’s tone had changed drastically. The professional amicability was replaced by a deliberate aggressiveness.

Noticing the significant change Dr. Naik asked Prasad if her ‘superior’ was not pleased with the outcome of the first interview and thereby another interview is been conducted.

The interview ended abruptly after Prasad caused enough provocation for a so far calm and cooperative Dr Naik to lose his cool and demand an apology from her. Dr. Naik said that she should not be able to sleep tonight after saying what she had just said and that he would not proceed with the interview unless she apologised for her statement.

Prasad, true to the ethics of her channel refused to apologise.

Listen both the interviews here:

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror