Violent clash breaks out between pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian protestors in NYC

New York: Violent clashes took between pro-Israel, pro-Palestinian protestors at New York City Times Square on Thursday (local-time).

Times Square clashes came just hours after a peace deal was announced between Israel and Hamas that Hamas said would take effect at 2 am Friday, reported Fox News.

One video shows a device exploding after being thrown at a crowd of people on a midtown Manhattan sidewalk. The New York Police Department told Fox News that two commercial fireworks were thrown from a car and one person suffered minor burns.

The NYPD’s Arson Investigation Squad was probing the incident.

YouTube video

Other videos posted by independent journalist Leeroy Johnson show multiple fights breaking out in the middle of Times Square as police try to dispel the scuffles.

An NYPD spokesperson said multiple arrests were made during the protests, reported Fox News.

Pro-Palestinian protesters have marched in America’s biggest cities for the last week and a half. Last Tuesday, thousands of protesters shut down traffic as they marched down 42nd Street in Manhattan.

Violence escalated around Israel at the beginning of last week, with Hamas firing a reported 4,000 rockets and the Israeli Air Force launching airstrikes throughout the Gaza Strip.