Villagers beat naxal to death over levy demand

Lathehar: Fed up with the naxals recurring levy demands, villagers in Bariatu village of Lathehar district has allegedly beaten up a naxal to death after he demanded a levy of Rs. 15,000 from a contractor who is presently engaged in toilet construction work.

Villagers claimed that naxals demand levy on regular basis for different ongoing works. Initially they rattle on phone and then beat up the person concerned if the money was not given.

Elaborating on the incident that occurred on Thursday night, contractor Birendra Singh said, “I denied them the levy when they called and threatened. They came to my house at midnight and started beating me.

I ran to call for help, following which the villagers caught and beat up two of them”.

Of the five naxals, one died on-the-spot and three managed to escape. The fifth naxal got severely injured in the beating and was handed over to the police.
One villager was also injured in the incident.