UP: Village Panchayath orders beating of married woman for eloping

Lucknow: A Village Panchayat in UP’s Bulandhsir district exercising its powers ordered the husband of the eloped of women to beat her for allegedly having an affair.

The incident came to light after the shocking video footage of the punishment went viral on social media showing the woman tied to a tree and ruthlessly beaten up by her husband.

None of the members watching came to the rescue of the woman, instead, they all enjoyed watching her get punished for the alleged affair.

According to the initial reports, the incident occurred on Wednesday in Longa village of Syana region of Bulandshir District where the village panchayat had ordered the woman’s punishment on March 10 for her alleged affair.

The video also shows the woman’s husband shouting at her “ab bhaag ke dikha (try to run away now)” while beating her with a belt. The woman eventually fell into unconsciousness.

According to station officer of Syana police station, Altaf Ansari, “We found out about the incident Wednesday night through the video. We investigated the matter and by morning everything became clear.”

Another senior Police official said, “We called the woman, spoke to her and registered a case. We have arrested the husband, the panchayat pradhan (village headman) and his son. We have filed a case against 20-25 unknown people.”

She was then dragged to another room where Pradhan and his henchmen molested her, News18 reports.