Why Vikram Bhatt has taken web route to tell stories

Mumbai : Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt says directors sometimes can’t tell stories they want to due to economic pressures and demands of producers or actors. And so he finds the web to be a great space.

The “Raaz” director has come on board for SonyLIV’s “Once Upon A Time with Vikram Bhatt”, which will curate and present short stories over 104 episodes. It will be an ongoing property on SonyLIV and will be released on its web and mobile platforms.

Talking about it, Bhatt said : “We became filmmakers because we wanted to share our stories. Unfortunately, we were stuck because of economy. We could only do movies which a star wanted to do, a producer wanted to produce. As a result, we couldn’t write the stories we wanted to.”

Appreciating SonyLIV for having come up with the idea of story-sharing, he said that one of the stories from his collection is also a part of the show.

“Nowadays, everyone is saying movie-making is becoming quite expensive. I am reading tweets and stuff about people saying that the industry requires a lot of money to make a movie. Hence, at this juncture I came up, and said, ‘Hey. Lets go to web’.”

The director, who is stereotyped for making horror movies, cleared the air by stating that he quite likes mythological movies, especially the ones with Lord Krishna.