Vijayawada: Vigilance Enforcement Department busted fake degree racket

Vijayawada: The Vigilance and Enforcement Department had reportedly busted fake degree racket along with arresting two professors.

The arrested lectures were teaching in SRR College and Movva College after they were recruited as junior lectures through APPSC in 2013 and are reported to have obtained their fake Ph.D. certificates from Magadh University.

The college authorities conducted a probe which uncovered the fake degrees obtained through the bribe. The Enforcement Department officials had checked with Magadh University authorities regarding the certificates who confirmed they were indeed fake.

Vijayawada regional vigilance and enforcement officer M. Ravindranath Babu said the state Government has been informed of the same.

The two arrested lecturers were identified as M. Rajnikanth and Rajesh both who were recruited in Government degree college at Movva in Krishna district and SRR college in Vijayawada respectively reported DC.