Vijay Malya’s case adjourned to May 25

Making it clear that it was not possible to deliver verdict without the attendance of accused in the case, Erramanzil Third Special Court Magistrate Justice Krishna Rao posted the Vijay Malya’s cheque bounce case for May 25 delivering interim order.

According details, King Fisher management agreed to pay Rs.22 crore to GMR Group for using Hyderabad GMR Airport after a compromise. Originally, the King Fisher management has to pay arrears of Rs.25 crore to Hyderabad GMR Airport. As per agreement, King Fisher management has given 45 cheques to the GMR management. The cheques were bounced as there was no adequate money in the banks. Reacting on it, GMR management filed 17 cases against King Fisher management. The Court also found Malya as guilty in regard to two cheques worth Rs.50 lakh each. (NSS)