Vijay Mallya provided financial aid during UPA rule: Rudy

New Delhi: Attempting to shift the blame on the Congress over the Vijay Mallya episode, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Rajiv Pratap Rudy on Monday said the liquor baron received all bank loans when the UPA regime was in power at the Centre.

“On the Vijay Mallya issue, the Congress is on a back foot because they have to do a lot of answering as to how Vijay Mallya in the last decade got so much of bank loan and how was it that it was all happening under the nose of the UPA government,” Rudy told ANI here.

“The government is doing its job, but the Congress has to answer that during whose tenure this whole revival package was passed knowing that the condition of bank accounts of Mr. Mallya are not in shape,” he added.

The Congress has been attempting to corner the Centre over Mallya saying that the government was framing innocent people while offenders such as the former Kingfisher boss were allowed to leave the country.

The Congress earlier asserted that the liquor baron was ‘made to abscond’ since a lot of ‘powerful’ people would be in trouble if he opened his mouth.

Mallya, who is currently in the United Kingdom and is being sought out in India over charges of money laundering, claimed that the banks gave him loans after evaluating all aspects, adding that he is not trying to evade the law enforcement agencies but is on a personal visit.