Viewers gallery at Rajiv Chowk Metro station to be opened tomorrow

New Delhi, Aug.7 : The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has decided to open the viewers gallery, part of unpaid area of the Rajiv Chowk Metro station for the passengers from Saturday (August 8).

The move is aimed at facilitating smooth movement of passengers from one side of the station to another, to avoid unnecessary congestion inside the paid area.

With the opening of this Gallery passengers may now use it as follows:

1. Rajiv Chowk Metro station has got eight Entry Gates numbering from 1 to 8.

2. Passengers entering from Gate No. 1 to 4 (Towards B & D Block of Rajiv Chowk) reach Platform No. 3 of the station going towards Noida/Vaishali.

3. Whereas, passengers entering from Gate No. 5 to 8 (Towards A & F Block of Rajiv Chowk) reach Platform No. 4 of the station going towards Dwarka.

4. It has been observed that generally 70 percent of the passengers i.e, around 35,000 passengers (entry/exits of Rajiv Chowk is approx. 50,000) enter the station from Gate No. 5 to 8 and land up at Dwarka side platform and then cross the footover bridge (situated inside the station) to go towards Noida/Vaishali side platform.

5. Similarly, the passengers who enter from Gate No. 1 to 4 but have to go towards Dwarka side, they also cross the footover bridge to go to the right platform.

6. This was causing unnecessary congestion on A and F block entries of the station whereas, B and D block entries is hardly being used and also causing unnecessary criss-cross movement of passengers on footover bridge and within the paid area of the station.

7. Now, with the opening of this Gallery, passengers, even if they enter from a wrong side entry gate for their respective platforms, would be encouraged/allowed to use the Gallery, which falls in the unpaid area and with a minimal movement of few meters they will be able to reach right entry side of the station and enter for right platform.

8. This will avoid distribution of passengers evenly in the paid area as people will be able to reach right side of the platform by taking the right entry side from Viewers Gallery itself and will also reduce criss-cross movement on FOB leading to a better passenger management at the interchange station which witnesses an average footfall of around 5 lakh daily.

DMRC has installed adequate signages at the entry gates, station area and viewers gallery to inform the passengers about platforms, destinations, direction of movement, gates to be used etc. (ANI)