Vietnamese mother gives birth to baby boy weighing 7.1 kilograms

Vietnamese mother gives birth to baby boy weighing 7.1 kilograms

New Delhi: In one of the heaviest births ever reported in Vietnam, a mother delivered a baby boy weighing 7.1 kilograms.

The baby was born on Saturday to shocked, but happy, parents who couldn’t believe it. “When the doctor said my child was 7.1 kilograms, we all couldn’t believe it,” father Tran Van Quan told AFP Monday.

Doctors had informed mother Nguyen Kim Lien earlier that her baby would weigh approximately five kilograms, but she didn’t know he would come out weighing an extra two kilos.

To make sure, the baby was weighed again after he was brought to his mother’s hospital ward. “He was 7.2 kilograms with some clothes on, so a bit heavier than when he came out of mummy!” Quan added.

Hospital staff confirmed the baby’s weight to AFP, declining to comment. The family have named the not-so-little-guy Tran Tien Quoc, and Quan said both mother and son are healthy and happy.

The last heavy birth in Vietnam was reported in the year 2008 when a woman gave birth to a daughter weighing nearly seven kilograms in central Gia Lai province.

The heaviest baby ever born to a healthy mother clocked in at 10.2 kilograms in 1955 in Aversa Italy, according to Guinness World Records.

Baby Quoc is expected to go home in a few days with mum, who is recovering from a Caesarean section. This is the couple’s second son. Their first was born in 2013 and weighed a comparatively modest 4.2 kilograms.