Why is Vidya Balan the perfect choice to play MS Subbulakshmi?

Why is Vidya Balan the perfect choice to play MS Subbulakshmi?

It’s not often in an actor’s life that they get a role which fits their talent and forte so well, that one just begins to expect nothing short of a stellar performance from them. And Vidya Balan, by choosing to do a biopic on the life of the legendary carnatic singer MS Subbulakshmi, has got the role of her life!

Okay check out the similarities, if you don’t believe us. After her marriage, Vidya has put on a few extra pounds which will only help lend credence to her role, as MS Subbulakshmi was herself a bit plump. Also, the carnatic singer used to wear only wore sarees, which also works well for Vidya. If there is any dress on the planet in which Vidya looks plain stunning, it is the saree!

Vidya also knows Tamil fluently considering she is a Tamilian herself, and she had even taken carnatic music lessons as a kid, although she sucked at it and said that her teacher was glad that she gave up singing. But now it seems that she may pick it up again.

The yet-to-be-titled film will be directed by Tamil director Rajeev Menon on a grand scale. The shooting will begin only after Vidya completes Ghanchakkar and Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Well, we wait and watch to see how her role turns out to be!