Video: woman finds maggots crawling inside her burger

Do you ever unwrap your burger before eating? Answer must be no! But after watching this you’ll definitely check your ordered burger before eating.

According to Mirror news, A Singapore woman, Noor Nazera bought burger and opened it as she wanted to add some extra cheese; she was shockingly found hundred numbers of live maggots crawling inside!

Noor, bought four burgers, six pasties and curry sauce for a family meal from Malay stall at Hougang interchange to Woodlands which had already packed the food to take away.

She paid $23 Singapore dollars (about £13) for the food but when she saw insects inside thrown it all away.

She said, “The burgers were from a food stall and already wrapped, ready for people to take quickly and go.

“I wanted to add cheese and there were lots and lots of maggots inside. It was just disgusting. I hadn’t even had the burgers for long. They had not been kept inside or in the fridge.”

Noor also said she has filed a report with the National Environment Agency on their website.

Noor had posted the photos and video online to which she got responses from the Online Citizen, Nazera and replied her, “Had intended to add some cheese to the burgers for her to give to her child.”

The video has gone viral over 2 million views in a few days.