Video: Watch how biker punishes driver for throwing trash

New Delhi: Littering roads, dumping garbage at any place other than the garbage bin is a persistent issue across the globe, and time and again many of us have witnessed this but how often do you see people getting caught off guard and even paying for doing so.

In this latest video released from China, a litterer just paid the exact price for throwing garbage out of the car, BP reports.

In the video shared by CGTN, a car throws out trash from the car’s window waiting up at a traffic signal in Beijing.

And just moments later a female biker appears from behind and stops by next to the car who has apparently seen the car driver throwing the trash and decided to teach the car driver a lesson.

She simply picks up the trash lying on the road and throws it back in the car.

And even before the car driver- a woman could understand what just happened the biker started and made a left turn.