Video: From Triple Talaq to Rahul Gandhi, stand up comedian is going viral

A video of a satirist (stand up comedian) is going viral all over the internet which contains a series of humour.

The video starts with the satirist talking about Triple Talaq, He says “Recently a triple talaq issue was in the news for a long time, I asked my neighbor Kareem uncle about the logic behind saying Talaq Talaq Talaq three times, he responded by saying there’s no logic behind it, actually women don’t listen in one go”.

He also talks about Ram Dev Baba, says “He is bringing 250 products in the market and even Patanjali Jeans is all set to come which is named ‘Herbal Jeans’ but his life was actually saved by ‘Shalwaar’.

He talks about demonetization, “Modi said the truth that he will bring change in India, He actually brought a change of 100 rupees in India” further he said, “Modi told that he will neither eat nor allow anyone to eat but he never said that he will take out what’s already eaten”. “Modi told during the election campaign that every citizen will get 15 lakhs in his/her bank account but he never said that he will make people stand in queues to deposit in a bank account”.

“During November and December people were not in a position to afford a ‘Samosa’ but their vehicle’s tank was full of fuel”. “During the demonetization, the most miserable condition was of Policemen and Income Tax Department people, they were confused whether to first hide their black money or catch your black money”.

“Rahul Gandhi with 20 commandos travelled in his 75 lakh car which consumed petrol of 8 thousand rupees just to withdraw 4000 rupees from the bank. This was not a political stunt but actually, he wanted to see how white money looks in real”.

“There’s no answer to Modi, Modi changed currency and America changed its President from black to white”.

“No one can from Modi, once Barack Obama told Modi that he had spent 147 billion dollars on missions for Mars and Saturn to which Modi responded you wasted that much of billions for that, here in India our Bhraman changes their location in 101 Rupees only”.