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Video: Teen dances on Saudi Arabia crosswalk, arrested

Video: Teen dances on Saudi Arabia crosswalk, arrested

JEDDAH: Saudi police on Tuesday arrested a 14-year-old teenager after a video of him dancing in a busy Jeddah crosswalk made waves on social media.

Saudi authorities said that the accused has been detained for dancing to the tune of “Macarena” in public.

Wearing a striped t-shirt, grey sports shorts and brightly-coloured footwear, the teenager doing Macarena, a 1990s pop hit in the middle of a four-lane road appearing to disrupt traffic.

The teenager whose nationality is not yet confirmed was questioned after being accused of “improper public behavior.” It was not clear whether he would be formally charged.

The 45-second video which went viral believed to have been first posted in July 2016 resurfaced on the internet last week, according to the Middle East Eye.

People are debating the 40-second video on social media. Some condemned and demanded punishment after his arrest, while others called the teenager a “hero”.