Video: Syrian kids lured with potato chips to death

BEIRUT: Food carrying vehicle lured Syrian children by handing out crisps before exploding.

The suicide bomber arrived at buses carrying evacuees at the transit point and started distributing crisps. When the kids got attracted towards crisps (potato chips), he exploded the car bomb.

The blast killed over 120 people, including 68 children.

Body parts and the belongings of evacuees – including clothes, dishes were still strewn at the scene of the attack, an AFP correspondent said.

The shattered buses were nearby as was the shell of a pick-up truck – with little left but its engine block – that was apparently used to carry out the bombing.

Wounded survivors, including many children, were taken for treatment at an Aleppo hospital.

Images of activist-videographer Abd Alkader Habak putting humanity first to carry injured child, breaking down in the middle of a massive suicide attack shaken the internet.

More than 5,000 people left Fuaa and Kafraya and about 2,200 left Madaya and Zabadani on Friday, the latest in a series of evacuations from the four towns under the agreement.

The agreement is the latest in a string of evacuation deals, which the government of President Bashar al-Assad says are the best way to end the violence after more than six years of civil war.

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