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Video: SPO thrashes girl suspected of talking with a boy

Video: SPO thrashes girl suspected of talking with a boy

PATNA: Police and Law are made for public duty and protection but here the protector (rakshak) has turned into perpetrator (bhakshak).

A shameful incident recently took place in Bihar will shake your soul. Instead of providing sufficient protection these so called “guards of humanity” take law in their own hands.

At Nalanda district near NH 110, an SPO (Special Police Officer) physically assaulted a girl because he suspected that she was in conversation with a boy over the phone.

SPO Dhananjay Kumar come from behind and strikes her multiple times as the woman squirms on the ground.

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A cellphone video surfaced clearly shows that the furious SPO ruthlessly hitting her and brutally dragging the woman by her hair.

Not only this, he snatched her phone and even question her character and called her a lot of disrespectful things.

A number of passersby gathered around to witness the scene but none from the public dare to stop the assault.

The SPO has been suspended soon and a probe has been launched into the matter soon after the video went viral.