Video: Snake emerging as victorious animal defeating crocodile

Queensland: Wild has always shocked humans with its dreadful nature, battling for life and survival. With amazing as well as appalling videos of survival captured on camera, here is an interestingly surprising video showing the victorious animal in the battle between a snake and a crocodile both ferocious by nature.

According to media reports, a python has battled a crocodile near Lake Moondara in Queensland for five non-stop hours, not giving in during the fight.

The 10 foot python wrapped itself around the crocodile for almost five hours eventually killing the crocodile. As can be seen in the video, that went viral on YouTube garnering 53 million views, the snake is seen swallowing the dead crocodile. What appalled the viewers is the fact that crocodile lost to a 10 foot snake, as reported in DC.