Video: SIMI members were unarmed at the time of encounter, says ATS Chief

Bhopal: There have been several developments in the SIMI members encounter case since Monday.

Sanjeev Shami, the chief of Madhya Pradesh’s anti-terror squad told NDTV on Wednesday that 8 SIMI members who were shot dead after escaping from Central jail have no weapons with them. They were unarmed at the time of encounter.

However, Sanjeev Shami added, “It is well settled in law when police can use force and take life. These men were dreaded criminals. If the police sees the possibility that such men can escape, they can use maximum force.”

He added that in such a situation “police have the authority to use maximum force, whatever the case may be”.

Post-mortem reports stated that the SIMI members sustained gun shots above the waist. There were multiple injuries in the head, chest, feet and in the back

A series of videos suggested that the shooting of the men, who all appear unarmed take place at close range.