Video: Siasat salutes ‘S2S Foundation’ for bringing people of different faiths together

Hyderabad: Shoulder to Shoulder (s2s) Foundation of Lucknow is rendering great service to the society by bringing people of different faiths together.

S2S, believes in peace, unity, and tolerance which are essential for human existence and progress to be worthwhile.

S2S strives to protect and celebrate India’s religious pluralism and cultural vibrancy.

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All Community Iftar event

In a commendable show of inter-faith solidarity, Sikh Community organised an Iftar party for fasting Muslim guests during the month of Ramadan.

This historic ALL-COMMUNITY IFTAR event was supported by Shoulder to Shoulder Foundation.

The special iftar held on 30th June, 2016 at Gurdwara Shri Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji, Yahiyaganj, Lucknow.


Shia and Sunni Muslims joint Namaz

Last year, for the first time, Shia and Sunni Muslims came together as one family to hold joint prayers for Eid-ul-adha in the 168-year-old Imambara Sibtainabad in the heart of Lucknow and over 400 people of both sects united to pray.

A joint Shia-Sunni namaz was held which was led by a Sunni imam in “a Shia monument” only to send out the message of universal brotherhood.

The prayers are the result by a core group who are behind the citizen-led initiative `Shoulder to Shoulder’ (S2S) whose aimed is to spread the message of universal brotherhood.


Lucknow which is famous for its rich cultural, linguistic, architectural is also infamous for historical sectarian strife, clashes between Shias and Sunnis are common which make headlines nationally.

According to the  core group,  this “initiative sends out a strong message for unity and what’s better than beginning it with joint prayer.”

The initiative was positively responded since “one all members of the community want to co-exist peacefully and progress instead of suffering because of conflict created by people who have vested interests of the nefarious kind and self-serving motives” said one of the organizers.

Now these joint prayers have inspired more sections of different community for these acts of interfaith unity in India which is not the end, just the beginning.

Celebrating Gurunanak birthday

Celebrating Gurunanak birthday on November 25, 2015, in the city of Nawabs created history and Shoulder to Shoulder (S2S) team was formed to strengthen ties between Muslim and other communities.

Shias and Sunnis participates in the langar (common kitchen) at the historic Naka Gurudwara, help prepare the food including sewain (vermicelli), the Eid treat, in the menu to serve at the big feast.


Sikh Community put up stalls on Eid-ul-Milad

Sikh Community put up stalls on Eid-ul-Milad and serves soft drinks (Sherbat) to Muslims, an act by a non-Muslim is commendable. It give a message of universal brotherhood and to create communal harmony among different sects.

In a initial ever such move, Shia community has invited Sunni Maulana to address their “majlis” (congregation) during Moharram in Lucknow in an attempt has been made to end differences between the two sects.

On Christmas:

On Christmas, Shoulder to shoulder team had breakfast with Christian brothers and sisters.

This initiative should be followed by all secular and committed Indians all over the country.

These acts will indeed a heartening thing to see and we hope these small steps towards communal harmony continue.