Video: Russian TV reporter punched in the face live on air

Moscow: A Russian television journalist was punched in the face live on air as he reported on raucous annual celebrations by paratroopers in Moscow.

Nikita Razvozzhayev, a correspondent with the pro-Kremlin NTV channel, was extolling the professionalism of Russia’s airborne forces when a 32-year-old Dmitry Orlov staggered up to the presenter and began an expletive-laden rant about invading Ukraine.

When the reporter asked the bearded man to be quiet, Orlov replied, “Who are you to talk to me in that way? If you are going to talk to me like that I will f***ing beat you.” Orlov, then, landed a punch on Razvozzhayev.

The man then punched the journalist hard in the face forcing him to stop his broadcast. The journalist suffered several injuries including a black eye and a broken jaw.

The incident in Moscow’s famed Gorky Park — which left the anchor back in the studio stunned — quickly went viral in Russia with over 400,000 people viewing it on NTV’s website.

Law enforcement officers detained the assailant and opened a criminal probe into the assault, NTV reported.

With AFP inputs