Video: Robbery attempt of Jewellery Store in Malaysia fails

New Delhi : A recent robbery attempt in Malysia’s Kedai Emas Sri Alam jewellery store was caught on camera where two thieves tried their luck trying to smash one of the displays but the glass seems rock solid doesn’t give in it to the robbers.

Four masked robbers walked in Kedai emas Sri Alam Jewellery store situated in Shah Alam city, armed and with hammers, on Monday evening, were two of them tirelessly tried their luck breaking the glass counter with all their might but their attempt goes in vain.

The Video footage of the attempted robbery has now gone viral after it was shared on Facebook on 25 July with around more than 5.8 million views.

Though nobody was injured during the attempted robbery, the store shall remain closed for two weeks in order to repair the store.

According to reports, the display counters were laminated with polycarbonate-glass.