Video: Pyaar humse aur Shaadi kisi aur se? Revolver Rani arrested for kidnapping groom

Banda (UP): A jilted woman, brandishing a gun, abducted a groom from a wedding venue just before the ‘saat pheras’, but was arrested after the police launched a hunt for her.

The 25-year-old woman arrived with two young men in an SUV to Ashok Yadav’s wedding in a Hamirpur village on Tuesday and carried away the groom with them before the shocked guests could react.

“This man loves me, he is betraying me by marrying someone else. I will not allow this to happen,” she had said.

A hunt by the police paid dividends as the woman and two of her friends were arrested from a locality in Banda.

One of the friends had accompanied her to the wedding venue, while the role of the third person — a woman — was still to be ascertained.

On her information, the groom was rescued, police said, adding the accused were being questioned.

According to villagers, the woman and Yadav were in a relationship but he succumbed to family pressure and agreed to marry another woman of their choice.

“I have known him for eight years now. I told him that I would not let this wedding happen, but he was not aware that I would take such a step. Even he was not ready for the marriage,” said accused Varsha Sahu.

Police said that the woman, a resident of the Banda district worked at a private clinic with Ashok Yadav (the kidnapped man), had an affair with the woman for the past several months.

“The boy was from Banda. What happened was that she came to the venue and took the groom. The girl has been caught and the girl said they are lovers. She also said that the boy was not happy with the wedding and they both love each other,” said Hamirpur Assistant Sub-inspector (ASI).

The police said the woman was still insisting that she would not allow him to marry any other woman.