Video: Pyaar dekha hai, gussa nahi! Befitting reply against ‘Mission Biryani’

Mewat: A head of Eid, ‘Beef biryani politics’ is keeping the pot stirring in Haryana’s Mewat, the states only Muslim dominated district.

In a state like Haryana, where honour killing, rape and female foeticide, dacoity is rampant, the Khattar government  asking the police to physically check the biryani sold by street vendors, in eateries and test biryani samples for beef is extremely unpleasant.

The Quint has come with a video questioning the Haryana government crackdown on beef biryani.

Not only Muslims, there are millions of Christians, Dalits… even upper caste Hindus who have been eating beef for years.

It has a history. From Maharaja to Muflis, biryani is liked and has been eaten by all since centuries.

HOW… how can Mr Khattar and Mr Vij possibly police them all?

Aur police kitni hai aapke paas? Eid ke din kya curfew laagu karoge? 144 daaloge? Taaki log apni biryani mein beef na daalein? Price of mutton, chicken… pata hai? Rs 300-400 per kilo! Beef… much, much less than that! Toh gareeb khaata hai beef… sadiyon se khaata aa raha hai… protein bhaari maatra mein milti ha iss se. To kyo na khaaye, kyon na khilaaye apne bhookhe bachchon ko?

Watch the video:

YouTube video

Itni si baat samajh mein kyon nahi aati Mr Vij!? Some people can be Non-Vij sirji!! Dacoity, rape on highways, honour killings, female foeticide – yeh sab to roka nahi ja raha aapse, lekin beef ke peeche aap zaroor padenge! Lovely! Dil jeet liya aapne mera… Agli baar mere se vote maangne mat aana… go to the cows… am sure you will have their vote!

And Don’t you dare come after my biryani. Pyaar dekha hai, gussa nahi!

This system of checking for beef has stopped vendors selling ‘gosht’ biryani fearing a backlash.