Video: LG Kiran Bedi touches Congress MLA feet at oath taking ceremony

New Delhi: Though Kiran Bedi took oath as the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry two days ago.

In a video, the oath-taking ceremony of Kiran Bedi as Lt Governor of Puducherry saw an interesting turn of events when a Congress MLA touched her feet to seek her blessings and she did the same.

If you are thinking in a wrong way, then let us tell you that what actually happened. In the oath taking ceremony, when a female MLA congratulated the newly appointed Puducherry LG by falling at her feet, Bedi abruptly touched MLA’s feet in return, resembling that women should not fall on feet of others.

Bedi was quick to stop him in the act and advised him to not indulge in such actions and later reciprocated the act as a mark of respect.