Video: Protests held in Hyderabad against Muqtar Abbas Naqvi’s silence on lynching of Muslims, many arrested

Hyderabad: Muslim organizations organized protests against targeting Muslims in the name of “Gau Raksha” on the occasion of the visit of Mr. Muqtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Govt. of India to Hyderabad. Mr. Naqvi was to launch vaccination camp at Haj House for Haj pilgrims yesterday.

Earlier, Tahreek-e-Muslim Shibban and Darsgah-e-Jihad vo Shihadad registered their protests separately and raised slogans against Govt. of India. On receiving information of protests, elaborate arrangements were made in Haj House even the Masjid was locked immediately after the end of Zohar prayer. Those who came late were not allowed to offer prayer.

It is understood that the information of probable protest was received by police in the morning itself. The police instructed the Wakf Board officials to lock the Masjid. President of Muslim Shibban, Mr. Mohammed Mustaq Malik offered “Zohar” prayer with his companions at the Masjid. Soon after he came out of Masjid, he was taken into police custody. He was shifted to Gandhi Nagar Police Station.

It is reported that police sought information from the Imam of Masjid about the presence of protestors in the Masjid. After locking the Masjid, all the persons were sent out of Haj House but the protest continued. Various groups were continuously agitating after reaching the Haj House. Police was deployed outside the Haj House. Due to continuation of protests, the arrival of Mr. Muqtar Abbas Naqvi was delayed. At some stage, the arrival of Mr. Naqvi was being suspected but on the assurance given by the members of Haj Committee and on accepting the responsibility by the officials of Minorities Welfare Dept., police advised Mr. Naqvi to come to Haj House.
Police obstructed the media persons to take the photograph of the protest. Common people were prohibited from entering into Haj House. When the MIM MLA of Nampally was making an attempt to enter the Haj House with his supporters, police stopped him. MIM leaders protested strongly and entered into heated arguments with police after which MIM activists were allowed to enter the Haj House.

In the wake of the protests, Mr. Naqvi’s program was started late by three hours and ended within half an hour. Mr. Naqvi was to address a press conference after the program which was cancelled. Under tight security, Mr. Naqvi was shifted from Haj House. Even after his departure, tight security arrangement continued. Local BJP activists were commissioned so that they could pose a threat in case of any disruption of law and order. A large number of BJP activists from Khairtabad Assembly constituency were seen in Haj House. In addition to them, the members of BJP Minorities Cell also had an eye on the protestors.

Right from the beginning of the program, there was anxiety and confusion among the officials of the Dept. of Minorities Welfare. After the departure of Mr. Naqvi, they felt relaxed.

–Siasat News