Video: Police display Manhood on girls, beat them brutally in Ramjas college

‘The Quint’ published a video of Ramjas students protesting and few male police officers beating them up. What made the situation worse was that the ‘Male’ policemen are seen treating ‘Women’ students ruthlessly.

Two male police officers can be seen punching a woman student over and over again. She is seen surrounded by male police officers who are trying to push her into a police van. The incident took place at nearly 6:30 pm.

Policemen were seen abiding the Constitutional rules harshly as the laws ‘does not even allow male police officers to touch a woman even if an arrest needs to be made’.

When women need to be arrested, it needs to be done by women police officers.

Watch Video:

What does Section 46 state ?

“Provided that where a woman is to be arrested, unless the circumstances indicate to the contrary, her submission to custody on an oral intimation of arrest shall be presumed and, unless the circumstances otherwise require or unless the police officer is a female, the police officer shall not touch the person of the woman for making her arrest”

“Save in exceptional circumstances, no women shall be arrested after sunset and before sunrise, and where such exceptional circumstances exist, the woman police officer shall, by making a written report, obtain the prior permission of the Judicial Magistrate of the first class within whose local jurisdiction the offence is committed or the arrest is to be made”

Shockingly even after the presence of women officers at the site they remained mute spectators and male officers man-handled girls.

In another shot in the video, another woman student is seen being pushed and shoved by male officers which resulted in her shirt getting torn.

Moreover, to put a veil on the incident a police officer who had noticed The Quint cameraman having recorded their blatant wrong doings on video, pushed and shoved the camera person and dropped the camera on the ground.

The Quint camera person was not the only one to be beaten up.

According to a report in The Times of India  dozens of journalists who were beaten up include an intern, a correspondent Somreet Bhattacharya and photographer Anindya Chattopadhyay from The Times of India; reporter Priyank and cameraman Mazhar Khan from Times Now; and reporter Ananya Bhardwaj from The Hindustan Times.

As reported by HuffPost India on Thursday, the Delhi police was on the defensive as students protests in from of the police headquarters in the ITO area because the police had earlier refused to file FIRs by students who had been assaulted.

This incident took place right outside the Maurice Nagar police station.

Students chanted “Aar ho ya paar ho, aaj FIR ho” and questioned police apathy. They alleged that the police had allowed the violence to take place.

“I did not order it. I can’t tell you the name of the person who did,” special commissioner of police (law & order – north) SBK Singh said.