Video: Plastic roads in Hyderabad – GHMC’s initiative

Hyderabad: Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is laying plastic roads in place of Tar and Cement roads in the city. The citizens of Hyderabad expressed their delight that GHMC is using modern technology in laying down roads. Now in city, instead of traditional roads, plastic roads would be laid.

It is reported that plastic roads are cheaper than the traditional roads. Telangana Minister of Municipal Administration, Mr. KTR and Mayor of GHMC, Mr. B. Ram Mohan analyzed the experiment of plastic roads laid in foreign countries and concentrated on laying down roads in the city based on plastic technology. Massive plans are being prepared for laying down plastic roads in the city.

At Nagole bridge, plastic road was laid with an expenditure of Rs. 11 lakh which is cheaper than the cost of laying down traditional roads. GHMC believes that the repair works of such roads also cost less.

–Siasat News