Video: Pakistanis are blessed with the honour to destroy India, kill Hindus: Cleric​

New Delhi: Irfan-ul-Haq a cleric and former banker caught provoking Pakistanis to destroy idol worship in India and kill Hindus.

According to, Columnist and author Tarek Fateh on Sunday shared a video of a lecture which the author said was held in 2011, the cleric said that if there is a place on earth where people worship stone idols, it is the Indian Subcontinent.

“Pakistanis should consider themselves fortunate that Allah has bestowed the honour to wage war against India to them,” the cleric said.

The cleric further went on to claim that the Prophet (PBUH) had said that there will be a war in India that will be ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’.

“The genesis of Pakistan was prophesied to defeat India and Hinduism at the hands of Pakistan,” he further added.