Video: New York’s floating food forest – Relief for poor

New York’s floating food forest is helping feed poorest in unique way as such all the produce is free to harvest.

“When community members come and see this, they are like ‘Wow’, we never knew that this would come to the Bronx and if they see it here they will fight for it in other places whether it’s in super markets and all over,” said Naseem Hamid, a student at Swale project.

The Bronx is the poorest congressional district and has the highest rate of hunger in the country. This urban family initiative hopes to change that. It started as an art project but evolved over time.

“We are super excited about what it might look like for the Parks department to take on a project like this. What it might look like for the parks to be on the water for them to expand and also use some of these management practices. Millions of people across the US face food security issues every day. Projects like these are springing up across the country offering hope for a healthier future,” said Marisa Prefer, Swale Program Manager.