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Video: Muslim woman racially abused for wearing ‘niqab’ called “it’s disgusting”

Video: Muslim woman racially abused for wearing ‘niqab’ called “it’s disgusting”

New Delhi: “You shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box” rants a woman in a supermarket at a Muslim couple who were present in the que waiting for their turn at the checkout to pay for their goods in Feltham District of London.

The hate crime towards Muslims and Islamophobia has risen throughout the world with almost every major country reporting hate crimes against Muslims with the majority of the racism in the UK and the US.

Recently a Muslim man was handcuffed like a convict and was searched in broad day light for wearing ‘too many clothes’ in London. This is the second hate crime reported, where a Muslim couple who went for shopping at a local supermarket, the Aldi in Feltham were racially attacked by a white woman, who called the wife’s niqaab(veil) “disgusting”.

My dear friend's friend has been harassed yesterday in Aldi, Feltham. Please share this video and restore the sense of shame into this individual's soul! #Disgusting #Racism #NoThankYou

Posted by Federica Lucarelli on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The woman who can be seen standing on the opposite side of the aisle at the checkout ranting at the Muslim couple, arguing that the wife should not be allowed to wear the niqaab and that it is disgusting.

The video of the incident where the woman is seen shouting at the couple repeating her words, again and again, has now gone viral on social media.

The couple can be heard, calmly asking the white lady why she thinks what she wears is disgusting. The lady gets furious with the way the husband is calmly asking her, and she is heard telling him “You should not allow your wife to go around like that”.

The lady is seen arguing and also asking the husband whether he has read the Quran which somehow tells the lady has wrong knowledge about the Quran, and she assumes, men are dictators of their wife’s.

To that the wife refutably says “Why should he be my boss, he’s not my boss” interrupting the white lady.

The white woman can be heard repeating “it’s disgusting” many times and finally shouting at his wife saying “You shouldn’t be around like that, you look like a bloody pillar box.”

The Metropolitan Police is investigating the incident and the official told “We are aware of a video circulating on social media which appears to show a woman shouting racial abuse at an unknown victim”.

The report added “It is believed that the incident, reported to police by a third party on 2 August, happened on 31 July at a supermarket in Feltham. Officers from the Community Safety Unit at Hounslow borough are investigating. No arrests”.

Ever since the London Bridge attack and the Manchester attack, hate crimes and racial rants against Muslims are on the rise in the UK and the effect can also be seen in other countries like US too.

According to Police data, the hate crimes against Muslims in Greater Manchester has increased 500 percent after the recent London attack.