Video: Muslim leadership ruined the community over last 70 yrs, says Maulana Zaheeruddin on UP elections

Tu Idhaar Udhaar Ki Baat Na Kar

Yeh Bata Ke Qafila Kyun Luta

Mujhe Rehzanaun Se Gharz Nahi

Teri Rehbari Ka Sawaal Hai

The video of visionary leader Maulana Zaheeruddin Khan is going viral in which he refers to the co-called Muslim leaders as Rahbar and Rahzan (Robber).

He said to the Muslims, that ” the one (leaders), who shows the way of life, is doing the work of the Rehzan (the robber) … If you do not understand, then the consequences will be the same, which you are seeing since 70 years.”

Addressing the gathering, he said, everyone is having their Supremo but why Muslims don’t have their.

Some is having Modi, some having Mayawati, some having Mulayam, why the Muslims don’t have. They were worried about the Muslims vote polarization but not about Muslims.

Watch the video: