Video: Maulana asks TV anchor to come office in underwear during debate

NEW DELHI: From Priyanka Chopra, to Fatima Syed Shaik to Deepika Padukone, the past few weeks saw the women slut-shamed for not covering them completely.
And now, Faye D’Souza, the editor of Mirror Now news channel was told to try coming her workplace in underwear.

During a panel discussion on a live debate on women’s dress in the country, D’Souza was asked by cleric Maulana Yasoob Abbas to wear underwear to her workplace.

He said to D’Souza, “Underwear pehanke [aap debate mein] aiye. Mard aur aurat barabar hojayege na.” [Come to this debate dressed in your underwear. Then there will be equality between men and women.]

The shocked D’Souza immediately halted the panel.

‘Give me two minutes of silence on the panel,’ she said – and the panel immediately hushed.

“Maulana Ji threatened me to show up at my workplace wearing underwear because I want to be equal to men. He hopes that he will rile me up, that I will throw a fit and I will lose control of my panel and I will forget how to do my job,” she began.

“Aap jese mainay bohot dekhay hai. [I’ve seen a lot like you.] I’m not afraid of you or threatened by you or rattled by you. Because you threatened me with something so cheap, you tried to rattle when I’m doing my job… all you men think that if you rattle [Fatima Sana] when she’s doing her job, when you rattle Sania Mirza when she’s doing her job, if you rattle all women when they’re doing their jobs, they will run back into their kitchens, cover themselves up, and leave the world again for you to conquer. I have news for you, we are not going anywhere,” D’Souza said.

‘Yes, this is a channel run by a woman. And no – this is not a woman you can easily rattle.’