Video: A man pushing a woman onto an oncoming bus

In a shocking video footage shared by Merton Police on their official Facebook page, a man in his mid-30s can be seen voluntarily pushing a woman on to the road in front of an approaching bus.

A man wearing a light gray t-shirt and dark blue shorts can be seen jogging on the bridge. Across the footpath, is a busy road with moving vehicles. A woman from the opposite direction can also be seen passing the bridge. The jogger suddenly moves to the left, towards the woman and knocks her over onto the road. The woman’s head can be seen dangling on the footpath close enough to an oncoming bus.

According to the Facebook page by the Police, “The 33-year-old woman was walking across Putney Bridge on the east side heading towards Putney Bridge Tube Station when a male jogger knocked her over into the road and into the path of an oncoming bus, which narrowly missed hitting her, swerving at the last minute.”

The Facebook page further added that the IO Sergeant Mat Knowles from the Putney Safer Neighbourhood Team said the jogger had put the woman in extreme danger by pushing her onto an approaching bus.

The woman suffered no injuries because the bus driver was quick in responding to the sudden fall and turned away, saving the woman.

Had the driver been not quick in responding, the woman would not have survived.