Video: Man jumps off plane, skydive to propose girl

There are uncountable ways to express true feelings to our loved ones to win their hearts. Wooing a lady, especially one who fancy most is akin to walking through a mine field, one wrong move and it ends catastrophically.

But the excitement can be understood as they propose their lady love for marriage, a commitment for life.
At the hair-raising moment, one teenager called Ty Myers jumped out from a plane thousands of miles above the sea-level just to propose a girl out for prom in Tennessee.

Myers jumps off a plane and skydive holding a placard that read “Dear K P, I’m Falling 4 u, Prom?”, as Ellie Goulding’s hit track “Falling for you” plays in the background.

Katie Potter, who was equally excited at this ‘proposal’ instantly said yes. The video of his proposal went viral on social media.