Video: Man attempts suicide beside Holy Kaaba, arrested

MAKKAH: Saudi security forces succeeded in preventing a self-immolation attempt at the Grand Mosque in Makkah,  Islam’s holiest site.

The incident happened on Monday night right next to the Kaaba, the cubic stone structure at the heart of the mosque towards which Muslims pray.

The man, in his 40s and a Saudi citizen, “poured petrol on himself and tried to set it alight.” He was held before he went on with his dramatic self-immolation act and his behaviour indicates that he is mentally ill. All the necessary measures will be taken,” the spokesman said, quoted by Saudi news site Sabq.

A Saudi citizen noticed the man spilling liquid on his clothes, he immediately grabbed the bottle and cried for help.

“As I was circling the Kaaba at around 11:40pm on Monday, I saw a man pouring gasoline from a bottle on Kaaba and uttering takfiri expressions [pronouncing that someone or something is un-Islamic],” Ghazi Darweesh said.

A video footage circulated on social media, showed pilgrims and police escorted the mentally-ill man away before he could light the petrol.

YouTube video