Video: Kashmiri militants mock security forces, fearlessly play cricket with AK 47

New Delhi: The video of five armed men fearlessly playing cricket comes two days after the recent Amarnath Terror Attack which killed seven people, injuring 15 others.

The five men are suspected to be Kashmiri militants, the video as can be seen, appears to be shot in orchard somewhere in South Kashmir. The five-minute long video has gone viral on social media, with these men using AK 47 rifle, as their wicket.

The Amarnath attack was condemned by every section of Kashmir which included politicians, leaders of the Hurrriyath and also the civilians.

The video is believed to be used by the Kashmiri militants as a propaganda, mocking the security forces.

Many students, traders and other civil society groups took to streets in Srinagar to protest against the recent Amarnath terror attack.

The suspected militants seem relaxed while enjoying their game, with a background urdu song playing which is translated as,
“I hate sin, I am a fidayeen of my faith
I fight the unjust of my times
You pretend to be a gentleman, but you love the non-believer
More than Islam, you love sin
You hate the resistance, you love democracy

Back in 2015, a similar ‘Group photograph’ of militants holding arms, candidly posing with Burhan Wani, had also gone viral.