Video: Kajol mocks so-called cow saviours with beef party

MUMBAI:  Bollywood actress Kajol landed herself in controversy after the actress posted the video of a beef dish on Facebook and Instagram.

The Dilwale actress recently visited her friend Ryan’s restaurant ‘FoodStories’ who prepared a dish called ‘beef pepper water with dry lentils and dry beef’.

Forgetting the uproar over ‘beef’ and increasing cow vigilantism in the country by so-called Gau Rakshaks, Kajol posted the video both on Facebook and Instagram.  In the video which went viral on the internet, she laughed off saying, “We are going to cut his hands off after this.”

The actress later deleted her post from Facebook but the damage is already done. She was trolled mercilessly on social media for sharing the video online for consuming beef.

Have a look:

She even shared a picture collage on her Instagram: