Video: Jobless Abdul Wajid builds aircraft using a Maruti van engine

Meerut: Getting a job in this day and age in your area of interest is not only tough but can be a gruelling and taxing experience.

Abdul Wajid of Muzaffarnagar district was also frustrated by the lack of opportunities coming his way.

Therefore, to prove his worth, the 26-year-old Abdul Wajid took up the gigantic mission and makes a one-seater aircraft.

Graduated from Delhi University, Abdul Wajid told Times of India, “All I want is to show to all those who have found me worthless what I can do. I do not want anything more,” he said. “The day this plane makes its first sortie, I am sure aviation industry will take note of it. Someone may employ me, train me further and utilize my services. At least the Uttar Pradesh chief minister will provide me some monetary assistance as he has done in several other cases in the past.”

Previously part of the National Cadet Corps. or NCC,  Wajid has been trained in aeromodelling at the Safdarjung airport.
Initially, he used two motorcycle engines but could not achieve the required thrust and therefore decided to use the engine from a Maruti Suzuki Van.
The single-seater aircraft is made out of a 350 kg wooden structure built at a cost of Rs 5 lakh is awaiting necessary approval.

“When I get the required permission to fly this, I’ll keep a parachute with me, he says.